Best Applications for Free Calls

The emergences of innovative technologies have accelerated various types of free communication.  Internet users spent most of their time social communicating.  The popularity of free calling has created a new market for applications. Both Apple and Android users benefit from lots of useful apps for free calls over the mobile networks or Wi-Fi. Here is a list of the most popular internet-based applications used by people browsing the web on mobile gadgets – tablets or smartphones.


ViberThis platform is designed to enable free text messages and calls using 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi. It connects Viber users on different devices and operating systems – Android, iPhone, Windows, Blackberry, or Nokia.  In 2015 there are almost 600 million registered Viber users worldwide. It looks like this platform is dominating the market.


skype-tile2This application is time-tested.   More than 300 million people all over the world use this platform. Skype offers mobile application for calls to people with Skype accounts. The downside of this service is that calls to phone numbers are paid.


fb-postThis mobile messaging tool has up to 800 million active users and its market share is steadily growing. WhatsApp is considered one of the most reliable and user-friendly mobile application worldwide.

Google Voice

overviewThe biggest player on the market – Google provides its clients with a voicemail and phone management service. With Google Voice the consumers get one unified phone number that allows them to make calls either on cellular and fixed line.  This is a cost effective tool but to make completely free Wi-Fi calls from your cell phone, the Google voice app has to be combined with 2 other applications.  Otherwise you will be charged.

Facebook Messenger

facebookmessenger1The installation of this app allows you to make free phone calls on the social network.  There is a Facebook notification for an incoming call. The tool lets you communicate with several people at the same time.  You can also share photos and data. More than 1.2 billion users of the social network benefit from this platform.

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