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There are many smart ways to make free calls, send free text messages and upload video over the internet. This website provides information about telecommunication services, applications and devices to communicate via the web.

Internet telephony has been gained great popularity. Some websites providing free call services need a registration, others – no. Some companies offer limited number of free calls; others will give you unlimited options to any location in the world. Some providers will tell you that there is a limit to the number of calls and messages available to a unique IP address during a 24-hour interval.


The most commonly known technology is based on “Voice over Internet Protocol” or VOIP service. It features free or cheap high quality communications. There are other Web applications to make free international phone calls and send equally free messages. Free calls online are made using Viber, Skype and many more. It is important to know that Skype provides excellent free web calls, but dialing a real phone number can be very expensive.

Many people use a combination of a few applications depending on what platform their beloved persons are using. If you want to make a free call from a smartphone to another smartphone, you will probably use apps like Viber or WhatsApp. Install these applications on your phone and you will be able to call free users anywhere on the planet.


If you insist on communicating from a computer, you can make a free call if your friend is using the same device – Mac, PC or tablet. Free internet calls are available to each person having a high quality internet connection, as well as computer, a microphone, speakers or smartphone.
Many automakers offer cars with state-of-the-art Infotainment system with the ability to make free calls. That sounds complicated, but making free calls from your car is easy.

You can make free calls even when you are abroad. This is a cheap way to keep in touch with your family and friends. In many European countries like Italy, France and Greece there is a free Wi-Fi connection in hotels that allow tourists to make free calls and send SMS. If you want to send messages or to check in with your relatives, it is important to choose a lodge offering free Wi-Fi at least at all public areas. When you are traveling in tropical destination such as Caribbean or Thailand, it is important to know that phone calling and video uploading generally cost money.

Finding convenient phone service is an easy task today. Check out our cell phones review section to find exactly what you want. Learn more about the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy features and options for free web calls.

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